"Water’s Ecstasy"
Ink and watercolor on paper 

I'm always drawn to water; I loved putting my hand into a stream, watching a winter lake, getting awed by storm and rain, etc. Water evokes emotions in me, calm or violent. I also loved drawing water from life.

I've animated many short practices surrounding the subject matter of water, and its value in Taoist ideology "上善若水".

上善若水 (phonetically, “Shang shan ruo shui”) is a Chinese proverb from Taoist philosophy.
It literally means "the highest virtues are like water".

The proverb attributes to water a number of honorable qualities in Taoist ideology: altruism – water is nonchalant about competing with  creatures; flexibility – water can travel despite rocks and cliffs; and an openness (humility) –  the vast ocean takes in hundreds of rivers, etc. 

For a long time, I could not understand the proverb. When I eventually had a 
epiphanic glimpse of its wisdom in my freshman year, a significant personal and artistic relationship with water started to form. Water’s Taoist associations, its forms, its movement, its momentum,have all become important subject matter I have consistently depicted many of my films.

Earlier iteration for "Water's Ecstasy" (2014)

Earlier 3D test - “Water Spirit vs Fire Spirit”, inspired by Chinese Beijing opera

3D model of Water Spirit for fun