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Xueyan Wang

"I think of myself as primarily a capturer of emotions, through characters, stories, visual-audio interplay, etc."

Xueyan is a 2D frame-by-frame animator based in Xi'an, China, working with both analogue (primarily charcoal, pen, colors) and digital materials.

Trained in Chinese ink wash and classical painting from the age 6-17, but always a sequential artist in heart, Xueyan went on to practice as an animator, focusing on capturing feelings and nuanced emotions from the unconscious world of psyche - typically through the music-visual interplay. Xueyan graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts (Drawing) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA in 2017, and received an MFA in Animation from Pratt Institute in 2020.

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"Red and Green Self Portrait" 2020


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